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Professional Service

Professional Service

Security Posture Assessment (SPA)

Discover networks and system vulnerabilities and weaknesses with the intention of providing incremental improvement to tighten the security of network and system.

Development of ICT Security Documents

This documentation forms the principles and guidelines to ensure all information assets are managed securely and consistently, in accordance with the level required security.

IT Security Risk Assessment

It guides the full life-cycle of risk management by:

  • Undertaking security health check to access the security posture within the organization.
  • Designing and implementing a risk management framework for the organisation.
  • Creating the risk mitigation strategies.
Vulnerability Assessment

A pro-active vulnerability scanning helps identify any potential security weakness or flaw that may exist in the customer’s network system.

The above element covers the following:

  • Network Device
  • Operating System
  • Application
  • Web Application
  • Database
  • EndPoint