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Business Focus

Business Focus

POS DIGICERT provides certification management services as follows:

  • Screening of the identity of the people that apply for issuance and revocation of certificates.
  • Issuance, revocation and publication of certificates.
  • Delivery, storage and archiving of certificates and certificates revocation list.

The end-user product of the service is a digital certificate. A digital certificate is used by an entity as a credential to provide virtual identity or other security-related functions. The entity that possesses the certificate is known as a Subscriber. A Subscriber can be an individual, an organization, a device or an individual. The credential is then used, for example, to access a website or service of a business. An organization that relies on the digital certificate as a form of identity is known as a "Relying Party."

POS DIGICERT uses PKI-based Identity Management that has distinct entities with defined areas of responsibilities. These entities include Certification Authority (CA), Subscribers, and Relying Parties (RP). Each entity has specific roles, with associated obligations, and may have direct contractual relationships with one another or be non-affiliated. Digital certificate is stored on smartcard e.g. MyKad, USB secure token and computer hard disk.