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Functional Testing Service

Functional Testing Service

In the current digital era, the quality aspect of a system which is being developed is really important as it would eventually reflect the image of the organization.

Providing a decent and reliable system would increase customer satisfaction which will lead to the creation of trust and good reputation between the organization and the customer it serves.

Ensuring a good quality system or an application can be achieved through software testing. One of the key areas in software testing is to test on functionality as it verifies the functionality of a system which is the most required and indeed the important aspect of any system or application.


Pos Digicert ‘s functional testing services helps to validate if your system application is functioning as intended, by evaluating each functions or modules with an appropriate input and verifying the output against the system application’s functional requirements specification.

We can help you manage your testing activities from analysing the system or application’s functional requirement specification and extracting test cases for bugs reporting, producing summary reports and improvement recommendations.

Our test services include:-

Desktop and Mobile:
Whether it’s for desktop system or a mobile application, we got it covered.

Main functions:
To test the main functions of the system / application.

Basic Usability:
To test the ease of use and accessibility of the system / application.

Error Conditions:
To test the suitability of error messages displayed (error message best practices).

Produce documentation and reports throughout the testing phase.


  • Independent Testing
    Having an independent testing team will result in unbiased outcome and recommendation.

  • Quality and Reliable Product
    Thoroughly tested software or system ensures a quality and reliability.

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Rectifying bugs prior to production will result in a better overall experience for your customer.

  • Cost Saving
    Finding bugs earlier is more cost effective than fixing them later in production phase.

  • Wide Range Of Mobile Devices
    We have the ability to test a wide selection of various mobile Operating System (OS), versions and screen sizes.