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Digicert User Certificate

Digicert User Certificate

  • User certificates used for online authentication for individuals using digital certificate and encryption;
  • A similar function as an identity card (in relation to identity verification) that contains the name of a subscriber and digits/alphabets of the subscriber’s identity card or passport number;
  • It is more secure than username / password mechanism or it can be used as an additional method for authentication;
  • Utilises the ATM concept of a token based (Smart Card) and a confidential pin number;
  • The digital signature is legally recognised under Digital Signature Act 1997 and has the same legal effect of a traditional signature; and
  • Can be used for digital signature and encryption.

PKI Token ST3

PKI Token ST3 is an auto-install model that combines both high speed and high security with 32-bit microprocessor and 128K (64K usable) memory plus 2MB flash memory for auto-installer facility for middleware and token manager tool.

DIGICERT’s softcert 2048-bit is injected to the ST3 Token to provide secure encrypted storage for ID authentication of the user.

Nexus Personal

Nexus Personal is the cryptographic middleware – the interlinking piece of software that has cryptographic functions (signing and decrypting) in a smart media for personal computers and online applications.


Software digital certificate that can be stored directly on a computer.