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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

Entrust’s digital certificate is a proven, cost-effective internet security solution for an organization; it ranges from a basic level of SSL certificate to the more advanced EV multi-domain SSL certificate.

The unlimited issuance policy enables flexible certificate re-issuance if the user’s private key is lost or damaged.

01 Advantage

The proven standard for website security. SSL certificates ensure e-commerce, communications and private information transmitted between a browser and web servers remain private and secure.

Its organizational-validated SSL provides customers a high degree of assurance for transactions among companies online.

02 UC Multi-domain

UC Multi-Domain SSL certificates secure multiple domain, sub-domains or hostnames with a single certificate.

It easily secures multi-application or unified communications environments that require the ability to support many domains.

03 Wildcard

Entrust Wildcard SSL certificates secure an entire domain with a single certificate.

Entrust’s wildcard certificate offers the ability to specify up to 9 Subject Alternative Name (SANs) for compatibility with mobile device or application that does not support the wildcard character (*). The customer can add the sub-domain to the SAN field within the same domain name.

04 Extended Validation Multi-Domain (EV Multi-Domain)

Extended validation provides customers with the highest degree of assurance, on the company they are transacting with.