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eKYC ( Identity Verification )

eKYC ( Identity Verification )

Pos Digicert offers a mobile and web-enabled solution that leverages on-device technology, biometric authentication (such as facial recognition and liveness detection), and compliant machine learning to achieve accurate identity results in a digital environment

ID Capture

  • Autonomous AI-Powered Proprietary OCR Engine
  • Auto-fill to minimize human error

Facial Verification

  • Match the user selfie photo against the face photo from Government Issued Document ID like MyKad using AI-Powered Proprietary Facial Recognition Engine

Liveness Detection

  • Perform Face Liveness Detection to assure user presence (Live Person)
  • Minimize the risk of identity fraud
  • Able to detect impersonation attempts (photos, videos, facial mask spoofing method)

Document Detection and Verification

  • Ability to detect and recognize multiple documents – MyKad, Driving License, and Passport (MRZ – Machine Readable Zone)
  • AI-Powered Proprietary Document ID Segmentation & Landmark Detection
  • MyKAD Hologram Detection
  • Minimize the risk of fake ID

Backend Dashboard

  • Easy-to-use customizable dashboard to show overview and detailed submission of e-KYC listing / cases
  • Statistical graphs on user-on-boarding
  • Filtering features for Risk & Compliance team
  • Accessibility features for different teams (user management)

BNM e-KYC Reporting

  • User-oriented, State of the Art Proprietary Manual Review Tools
  • e-KYC Reporting Format (BNM Compliant)

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