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Registration Authority


The Objective of the guidelines is to provide detail requirements; terms and conditions on the appointment of Registration Authority (RA) and to ensure only competent RA will be appointed. This document shall be the sole reference for any company who intend to become an RA for Pos Digicert Sdn Bhd.

This document covers the detailed description and / or process flow for the following:

  • RA Requirement and Evaluation Criteria
  • Performance Bond
  • Legal Matters
  • Record Keeping
  • Audit Guidelines
  • Termination of RA


This document serves to outline the policies and procedures of POS DIGICERT when dealing with its appointed Registration Authorities (RA). This includes the certificate application, validation, application process and revocation policies, and movement of physical document, remittances of funds and movement of other physical items (such as smartcards).

Corporate Policies

  • All RA shall adhere to the latest Certification Practice Statement pertaining to certificate application, validation, application process and revocation.
  • To outline policies for the movement of physical item between POS DIGICERT and the RAs.
  • Each RA shall be audited on an annual basis as per the requirement of the DSA 1997 and DSR 1998. Section 20 (1) of the DSA 1997 states that "the operations of licensed certification authority shall be audited a least once a year to evaluate its compliance with this Act", which shall be applicable here.
  • The result of the annual audit conducted shall determine its eligibility to continue to operate as one of POS DIGICERT's RA.
  • The RA Operative Personnel employed by an RA shall be properly qualified and demonstrate good conduct.

This document covers detailed process flow for the following:

  • Application process of digital certificates
  • Inventory Requirement
  • Movement of physical items and documents between POS DIGICERT and its RA